Q: If I have multiple Hotel Savings Cards, can I apply them to the same reservation?
A: Sorry, only one Hotel Savings Card per reservation can be used.

Q: Can I apply other discounts (i.e AAA, AARP, corporate discounts, etc...) along with my The Hotel Savings Card reservation?
A: No, when making a reservation on our site, the only discount that can be used is the pin number associated with our site.

Q: Where can I redeem my Hotel Savings Card?
A: Your card can only be redeemed on this site, not on any other travel site, not through an agent, or not directly through the hotel.

Q: Does my card expire?
A: The Hotel Savings Cards is good for one year.

Q: Is there a listing of all the hotels on your site?
A: Since there are over 200K hotels in our inventory that dynamically changes, there is no list of each of these hotels; to see our inventory, just search in your desired city & state by your desired date range.

Q: I noticed a hotel I was interested in booking, and when I go to the site now, it's no longer there - Why?
A: Our inventory of over 200K hotels throught our booking networks are dynamic, meaning, when new availabilty of hotels are available they are displayed, and when inventory is no longer available, they are no longer displayed- so, if you no longer see a hotel, feel free to try later or select an alternate property.

Q: Why would someone want a Hotel Savings Card?
A: Because it saves you money at over 200,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Q: How do I use the value of my The Hotel Savings Card when making a reservation?
A: You can then search for your desired date and destination for your hotel stay. You are then provided the best prices for your desired stay. Once you have decided on your best itinerary, you may book your reservation. When you are ready to pay for your reservation, you will enter your Name, email, and The Hotel Savings Card Number that is provided during the payment process. It will automatically credit your account 10% off up to the value of your card.. Here's an Example:  It works like a debit card.  You start with your face amount.  Every time you book a room you get 10% off up to the value of your card, of the room cost as a savings and you are left with a balance in your account to use another time or you can give it to a friend to use. So a room that normally cost $200.00 will now cost you $180.00 a $20.00 savings on a $100.00 face amount of your The Hotel Savings Card and your new balance on your The Hotel Savings Card is $80.00.Upon completion of your transaction your new balance in your The Hotel Savings Card will be available for future use. You will then receive your discount within 3 to 4 weeks.

Q: What happens when I enter my The Hotel Savings Card Number into the Customer Info Box?
A: When you fill your info (please revier our How To Use link), the appropriate discount will be deducted off the total price of your booking.

Q: How do I access the balance of my The Hotel Savings Card?
A: Simply go back to the Home Page of Thehotelsavingscard.com and go to check balance and enter your unique card number

Q: Can I transfer my Hotel Savings Card "Cash"?
A: Yes you can transfer any amount you want (in intervals of $5), up to the balance of your account.

Q: Are there any hooks, restrictions, or strings attached?
A: No, you can use the card for any hotel on this site.

Q: Can I get a new The Hotel Savings Card if I lose it.
A: Since the card is worth real money, we are sorry, but we cannot replace your card.

Q: What if I forget, or loose my Hotel Savings Card Number?
A: Your Hotel Savings Card Number may be in electronic form or if a physical locard, located on the back on your card. If you lose your card, you can email us, and we will try to provide the card number to you.

Q: If I cancel or change my reservation, can I redeem my Hotel Savings Card discount again?
A: Each time you book, the discounted percentage will be deducted from your cards original value.

Q: What if I want to change/cancel my reservation?
A: Please reviw the cancel terms carefully, as some of our booking networks cancelled are not allowed, in some of our other booking engines there will be hotel cancel options.

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